Dec 20, 2013

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Rolex Daytona PVD Replica

Rolex Daytona PVD Replica

Some watches are truly made for absolute excellence. Most big brands produce high quality collections that will stand the test of time in both functionality and value. Other watches, however, are truly exceptional. They stand apart, even from big brand collections. The small numbers in which they are produced, the craftsmanship and the story behind them make these watches pieces of history that will increase their value tenfold over time.

Here we are talking about a customization on a classic watch. The Daytona Cosmograph is one of Rolex’s most beautiful and successful models. Originally designed to stand up to the rough conditions that appear on a track, the Daytona was the preferred watch by many professional race drivers during the past decades. One of the reasons behind the Daytona’s success is the reliable chronograph and tachymeter allowing all race drivers to constantly be aware of their average speed.

Rolex PVD Side view

Fake PVD Dial

The watches here are an interesting interpretation on the classic Daytona called the Daytona Stealth. The name comes from the matte black finish that reminds us of a stealth jet fighter. It invokes durability strength, speed and the very highest of technology.

Black PVD Rolex Replica

The Daytona Stealth had a very limited production line of just 20 pieces, adding to its value, rarity and prestige. The watch case has a diameter of just 39 mm making it a perfect size for all wrists. Other key features of the watch are the numbering, which is laser engraved and the 100 meter water resistance, truly making the Daytona Stealth a virtually indestructible watch. The sapphire crystal is also a key feature as it gives it the toughness that makes it such a good watch to have in a dangerous environment like racecar driving.

PVD Crown

Such a rare watch is sure to come with a big price tag, one that few people can actually afford. This is a situation where a quality replica can prove a viable alternative for the passionate watch collectors that simply must have this piece but can’t afford it.

Here we have two watches, the original Daytona Stealth and a replica. The quality of the replica is evident as they are virtually impossible to tell apart. Other than a slight color change in the grooves next to the crown, the watches are indistinguishable. Another aspect that differs slightly in the replica is the numbering which is white and painted on as opposed to the numbering on the original which is laser engraved on the watch bezel.

Details like the Rolex brand logo, the watch dial, even the strap and clasp are so well made that it will take a true professional to tell them apart and even he might get it wrong.

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