Feb 7, 2014

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Planet Ocean 600 m Replica

Planet Ocean 600 m Replica

The Omega Planet Ocean 600 seems to have been created to fit everything a person needs from a watch. A beautiful way to accessorize yourself, this lovely watch is one of the most popular watches from Omega and has been considered to be one of the best. The Planet Ocean collection has a big variety of models, from more casual models to the most elegant ones and from stainless steel watches to prestigious rose gold cases and various bezels that will simply blow your mind. If you are thinking about buying a watch, especially a prestigious watch, the Omega watch is one of the best choices you can make. But unless you have a pretty big wage, you won’t be buying one of these watches very soon because most of them are a few thousand dollars and some of the rose gold models even get to be more than $10 000.

Fake Omega with Chronograph

So this might be an impediment for most people out there if they want to wear such a beautiful watch on their wrist. But fortunately there are replica watches out there that copy these prestigious watches to perfection and most people will find them to be a great alternative to expensive timepieces. Here we have a very good replica watch that has been put for comparison along with the genuine watch. Usually replica watches that look this good are pretty hard to find.

Seamaster Co Axial Replica Watch View

Starting with the leather strap we can see that it has been copied to perfection and even the stitching looks the same. The leather has the same color and smoothness as the one on the original watch, a detail that will also increase your comfort level. But there is one small difference between the replica watch strap and the original, the stitching has an orange color on the replica when compared with the genuine strap.

Crown and Bezel

Seamaster Back Copy

The same orange details can be seen on the bezel in places the original watch has simple white details. However, the rest of the watch, including the other colors as well as the tones and brightness of the shades has been copied to perfection. Even the ceramic bezel looks like the real ceramic bezel which is a pretty big deal for a replica watch. Despite the minor differences between the two watches, this replica watch can be considered a good replica. It is a watch that is more suitable for those of us who wish to wear something more elegant but also would like to wear their timepiece with a more smart-casual attire. So, if you are looking for an Omega replica watch, this can definitely be the right pick.

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