Dec 11, 2013

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Gold Daytona Replica

Gold Daytona Replica

There are watches and watches but the classics remain the same. The Rolex Daytona is a classic that comes in many shades and colors but the one presented here is an exquisite model. Created with beautiful rose gold and lovely color combinations on the dial it makes the perfect gift for the man who wants to stay elegant and show off his opulence. The beautiful soft combination of soothing colors makes a great design with the gold tone metal so if you ever look for a watch that stands out but without being too overbearing this lovely Rolex RoseGold Daytona should be the first pick. A watch like this costs a few thousand dollars so the average person might find it a bit hard to buy one but there are always replicas available that can look and feel just like the original. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find a replica that really makes a difference because most replica manufacturers create watches that barely resemble the original and come with pretty bad mechanisms. These watches look low quality and most people would know they are replicas from the first glance. But between the pile of bad replica watches sometimes a manufacturer comes with a beautiful gem like this one, a replica watch that is truly a replica. A watch that managed to capture the essence of what Rolex tries to show and manages to feel as glamorous as the real thing.

All Gold Daytona knockoff

Gold Rolex Imitation front view

Starting with the bracelet that has the soft metal shade that only comes with high quality gold and the comfortable locking system the watch really makes a big first impression. The dial is simply beautiful, it’s just like feeling and looking the real Rolex Daytona in RoseGold. Also the beautiful buttons and the crown on the side look exactly as the ones on the original, not bulgier as it usually happens.

side view

back view

You will also notice that the tachymeter on the rim is also extremely well done and it can actually be used, a feature that rarely happens with replica watches. The sub dials also feature the numbers on the original watch which is also an improvement from most replica watches out there. A superb high quality replica like this is definitely the watch you want if you care about showing off your high status. The watch has a beautiful design and goes with every type of outfit. The golden tones are a classic and beautiful touch that will make this watch a good pick for older people who want to wear something elegant with their formal wear. It might also be a great farewell gift or something special for that loved one.

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