Oct 29, 2013

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Fake Rolex GMT Master II

Fake Rolex GMT Master II

The Rolex Professional Collection is one of the most well-known watch collections. The watches in this collection have been carefully crafted to blend beautiful casual elements with other more rugged elements. They are also extremely elegant despite their rugged look so they can be a perfect gift or a nice extra to a formal outfit.  But the most important part of this collection is the fact that it features the beautiful Rolex GMT Master II watches as they are a legend among collectors and watch aficionados. The first GMT Master watch was actually introduced in the year 1955 and since then it has evolved in the beautiful accessory that it is today. The watch was created to be a perfect tool for pilots as it was required to withstand pressure and many features that would help them read the time in different time zones. Actually the second time zone has proven to be a great feature for those who need to improve their communication and manage jetlag, not to mention the fact that this watch is a great pick for those who are travelling all the time or even business men who usually have to go abroad with work.


The Rolex GMT Master II would seem to be a similar watch but it was actually recreated after the original GMT in the 80s. It features great mechanism that can adjust time without stopping the watch. This was quite an improvement in those times and has remained historically important in the world of watches.


Obviously, a watch as popular as this one would be replicated in many ways because everybody wants to wear something so prestigious. However, it can be hard to achieve the great craftsmanship and detail that has been achieved at Rolex but some replica manufacturers manage to do so.


As we can see these two watches are pretty similar and the replica manages to replicate the visuals on the dial perfectly. Even the golden shades that come on this two tone watch have been achieved perfectly and there is a great aesthetics balance that makes it very similar with the original. Elements like the Rolex logo are well replicated on the crown and on the bracelet. The lens on the original Rolex watch are known as the Cyclops lens that enhance the date and give a nice touch to the whole ensemble; they have been beautifully recreated within this replica so you won’t regret making this purchase if you are willing to get a high end watch at an affordable price. Such great skill is hardly seen in the replica world and makes this particular replica a very precious and unique buy.

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