Jan 19, 2014

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Fake Omega Planet Ocean

Fake Omega Planet Ocean

The Planet Ocean collection was launched in 2005 and was created to feature watches that would help those with a sailing hobby achieve what they want from a watch. The beautiful watch is actually extremely popular and has won a series of awards. This particular Omega replica watch model comes with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal a beautiful black dial and a black ceramic unidirectional rotating divers’ bezel. It also has a size of 45.5 mm which means that it’s more suitable for those with larger wrists.

Omega Watch copy

However, there is no doubt that this is one of the most elegant watches you will ever get to wear. But as prestigious as this watch is, it can be very hard to find one available because everybody is looking to buy one. Another impediment when trying to get one of these beautiful timepieces is the fact that they can be quite pricey as one of these is a few thousand dollars with the limited editions costing even more than $10,000.

Seamaster Replica

So this watch is definitely not for those who have an average wage but for those who like to spend money for luxurious things. But there is a way to wear one of these beauties without spending a fortune on them. You can buy a replica watch from one of the thousands of manufactures out there that sell one. Of course, you might find yourself having to browse through a lot of terrible models before actually buying one that looks ok. But there are some manufactures that manage to create replicas that are hard to distinguish from the original watches and those are the manufacturers you want to buy from. Unfortunately, they are few but their watches are replica watches that have been crafted to perfection. One of these watches is this beautiful Planet Ocean 600 Omega we have here. This beautiful timepiece is very hard to distinguish from the original because it looks like it has been created with a lot of care for the smallest details.

Planet Ocean Imitation

Seamaster Knockoff

You only have to take a look at the dial and see how the colors have been recreated in such a perfect manner. Even the ceramic unidirectional bezel looks like the real thing and makes this watch probably one of the best Omega replica watches out there. The links on the bracelet are also very well made and distinguish themselves through the beautiful color that comes with the stainless steel. All the small details such as the writing the color and font of the markings and even the company logo are done exactly the same as on the original watch making this replica one you should totally check out.

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