Dec 4, 2013

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Arabic Dial Daytona

Arabic Dial Daytona

If you ever have the pleasure of wearing a nice Rolex watch you will know that this is one of the best things you ever had on. The watch has a unique blend of casual and elegant elements making it perfect for any man who wants to accessorize a formal attire but also keep the same accessory for less formal ones.

The Daytona Rolex has seen many changes and had many shapes and movements but since the 2000s it has become an exquisite timepiece that stands among classic watches throughout history. The watch has a fair size of 40mm but that makes it perfect for any type of wrist as you probably wouldn’t find it too heavy or bulgy. At first glance you will see nice long lugs that were fit on a beautiful elegant piece and a nice oyster style bracelet that makes everything even more comfortable and has a very easy to use locking system. But even without these features the Rolex is still a magnificent watch that has been created with great attention to detail and a lot of care. You will find that this watch is like no other and that’s what makes it such a big collector’s treat. The watch also comes with exquisite mechanism making it surprisingly good even for those who are extremely picky about their watches.

Rolex Daytona Imitation Rolex Replica Daytona Cosmograph knockoff fake daytona watch

Rolex Replica Daytona

Unfortunately, it is obvious why people couldn’t wear this watch,, it comes with a price tag that is definitely not for the faint of heart. At more than $10 000 this is not for the average Joe but it can still be worn by those who start searching for a replica. Replica watches are watches that have been created to respect the design of an original but with cheaper materials and with standard movement. So you get something that looks like a Rolex but without its award winning mechanism. However, high grade replicas will feature Swiss mechanism or Japanese movement which is your standard watch movement.

fake daytona watch

Cosmograph knockoff

The replica we have right here respects the design and manages to bring out the quality feel we can see on the original. The white dial has the same clean color and the metallic elements stand out like no other in replica watches.

You will love the beautiful silver sub dials and the beautiful contrast with the red shades that are exactly like on the original watch. When it comes to replica watches there’s always a problem maintaining the right balance between the many elements that are incorporated on the dial, but the manufacturers really created a masterpiece with this lovely replica watch.

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