Feb 24, 2014

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All Gold Sub Replica

All Gold Sub Replica

High net worth individuals usually go for the Rolex brand as it embodies a tradition of quality unrivaled by other watch brands. An ancestry that is defined by luxurious elements, the Rolex ancestry managed to capture the essence of elegance and opulence with its amazing watches. One of these popular watch collections is the Submariner collection. It has been created especially for those who love yachting and other nautical sports as it provides the features people need from a watch when practicing the mentioned activities. The watches in this collection remain elegant but have a sporty look that doesn’t compromise the sophistication Rolex wants to achieve.

Although not everybody appreciates a gold watch this beautiful model has seen many praises since it was introduced. A watch that is made entirely with a gold tone is a very interesting pick but many people fear that it might suggest too much opulence and it might come off a bit too pretentious. But this doesn’t apply to the beautiful Rolex Submariner model we have here because the manufactures have managed to balance the colors beautifully and create a glamorous yet very tasteful watch. The watch is also a great pick for divers as it manages to withstand 300 meters of water pressure.

fake submariner watch

blue rolex replica

Unfortunately a watch like this made with gold is more than $20,000 and that’s a pretty steep price for the average watch buyer. There are replicas available but even the most high quality replicas have trouble creating the same effect as the original. But sometimes, among those replicas out there, there’s a gem like the one we have here, a perfect replica that manages to recreate not just the watch as a timepiece but also the whole feel of elegance that comes with it. Whether it’s the colors and tones on the original or simply the way the elements are placed, this replica manages to have them all.

replica watch case

The gold accents have been created to perfection complementing the blue dial. Also, the lovely tones we can see on the hour and minute markers make a beautiful contrast with the background in both watches.

replica back case

The beautiful laser etched crown has been replicated very well and makes this particular replica watch a success. The beautiful Triplock crown and the lovely bracelet all make this replica even more desirable for someone who wants something that looks like the real thing. There are many reasons why you should buy this replica and besides being a well-made replica, there’s also the fact that it’s a copy of one of the most beautiful watches ever created so you get that glamour without spending a fortune buying the actual thing.

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